Wednesday, November 29, 2006

pots and pans and things in between

how come no one has ever debated the relative merits of pots and pans and others..?
i believe pans are healthier as they promote a more natural defecating posture... thus leading to easier evacuation of your colon... where as pots are more comfortable than pans but since they adopt a less natural defecating posture they often lead to incomplete evacuation... there are those contraptions which attempt to mimic a median path... i believe they are called mixed /hybrid commodes or orissa commodes by the plumbing community. however i fail tounderstand how its pan function can be used by squatting perched so high up.. first of all it will take too much time when you are in a hurry to settle and perch... and secondly won't it be even more uncomfortable to perch and squat?