Friday, December 26, 2008

JUDE Loos for Women: Before and After

This is what the women's loo at JUDE, recently refurbished and never maintained after that, looked like when I attacked it on the 23rd of December with Harpic and a loo brush.

This is what it now looks like. However, four of the five cubicles have defects, the worst being the fourth from the door which is not draining, The second from the door also produces interesting fountain effects when flushed: stand well back. The first leaks into the pot, the third has a detached seat. For all of these I will write a letter of complaint to the Estate Maintenance office.

People have been pushing the limits of loo use by for eg puking in the basins and (I suspect) shoving stuff where it shouldn't go. I want people to monitor and report regularly on the state of this loo. We need to make sure the official cleaning staff are doing their job as well as users behaving properly.

To be fair to the cleaners, the loos hadn't been properly cleaned since they were made and were covered in a layer of cement waste, which captures dirt and isn't amenable to ordinary cleaning. There's still some of it left on the floor outside the cubicles, making the tiles gritty.

Now all cubicles have plastic mugs as of yesterday: I will be watching to see how long they take to get stolen. In the meantime, we need fun notices saying the following things. Our celebrated loo artists who last struck during the BA admissions could please come up with suitable artwork.

PLEASE DO NOT PUKE IN THE BASINS. Use the loos. They are there for both ends of you.
PLEASE THROW ALL SANITARY WASTE IN THE BIN BY THE DOOR. Loos will choke on them and drown you on the next flush.
PLEASE DO NOT WALK AWAY WITH THE MUGS. They cost Rs 12 each. If you are desperate we'll have a whip-round and buy you one.

OK, do me these in English and Bangla and we'll laminate them and put them up.

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Blogger Prince of Mirkwood said...

My God...And I was complaining about the loos in Vellore...

4:56 AM  
Blogger monidipa said...

**takes out sketchpen and sundry other paraphernalia**

let's do this!

6:03 AM  
Blogger Rhea Silvia said...

acid-green sketchpens, where art?

8:53 AM  
Blogger Abhijit Gupta said...

Bravo RBC. But really, students! You use (or not) these loos day in and out, yet not one of you had the time or energy to 1) write a letter of complaint 2) gherao the estate superintendent or 3) do the cleaning yourself. All you do is whine about how horrible the loos are. It is a shame that a teacher has to do the job. What next? A course on potty training??

4:00 PM  
Blogger soumik said...

Yes why not a Loos+Lit optional paper? :D

2:39 AM  
Blogger PreciousRina said...

oew i hate those toilets

11:24 AM  

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